Travel Safety: Top Travel Scams


When traveling overseas to a new country, it is critical that you do not become a victim of travel fraud. Locals are well-versed in scams, but you may not be. This article will undoubtedly provide you with the information you require to prevent being scammed by a local.


There are numerous citizens dressed as counterfeit cops intent on obtaining your cash.

You will usually be approached by a person dressed as a law enforcement officer and asked to show your passport. The phony cop will very probably claim that anything is wrong with your visa. However, if you pay a specific penalty in cash today, you will not have an issue.

Stand up for yourself and demand that the “police officer” accompany you directly to the local police headquarters. Usually, this will get the pretending cop to leave you alone and also will say that your error is forgiven.


Do not fall enticing deal on antiques or blankets

While browsing the local shops, you may be approached by a rickshaw or taxi driver who makes you an enticing deal on antiques or blankets. This person will undoubtedly offer you a deal that you will find difficult to refuse.

Consider again, because the antiques you’re using are fake, and the carpet will most likely not survive the journey home. Instead of wasting your money on fraudulent, too good to be true deals, seek a genuine dealer and also purchase anything that is worth the cost.


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Ride only from a reputable Taxi company

Taxi chauffeurs frequently try to get more money from you by driving you around congested roads to increase the price. If it appears that you will need a taxi, make sure you choose one from a reputable company. Always agree on a price before entering the vehicle or paying in advance to ensure you get your loan’s worth.


It’s very unusual to get bird poop falls on your body

There is the basic yet dependable bird poop fraud when you imagine you recognize whatever. You will definitely feel a splat as bird feces falls on your body, and also a “helpful” unknown person will appear out of nowhere to assist with his towel. You are bound to be perplexed, and as a result of the confusion, your belongings are disposed of and your pockets are emptied. In another variation, someone splatters condiments or mustard on your t-shirt.


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Be careful with charming local

Male travelers will frequently be approached by attractive local women and also will discover themselves charmed by still conversing. Once the local women have received your cash, you could offer to take them to a local coffee shop or bar. You offer to put whatever they buy on your tab, as is customary. The women will frequently vanish from view, and you will be left with a startling bill totaling thousands of dollars.


Tourists are frequently victims of apparent bike scam.

You may have wished to ride around the countryside on a mobility scooter or bike. When you go to the rental company, you will be given one trick while the rental company will keep the other. When you park your mobility scooter, the rental company will undoubtedly send someone to “steal” the mobility scooter back. You must pay the full price of the “stolen” bike, according to the deal you signed in.

There are a lot of savage killers on the planet attempting to benefit from the kindly visitor. This write-up has actually ideally assisted open your eyes to the numerous rip-offs on a worldwide degree. Use the pointers from this write-up to guarantee your travel security abroad!


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