Best Places To Visit In Cappadocia Turkey


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Cappadocia is one of the most generous city of Turkey, the city formed the hands of wonderful nature.

60 million years ago Cappadocia and its surroundings as Erciyes , Hasan and Gyullyudag formed from a combination of lava and ash layers in the explosions of volcanic mountains and over the years through erosion by wind and rain.Snap the best deals at

The fairy chimneys of Cappadocia formed by nature over millions of years, are one of the most beautiful examples of natural architecture in Turkey. These fairy chimneys for centuries were houses from the mountains and churches built by the local people living in this area for centuries have been protected with great care. Natural chimneys on the nature and the interior is made of magnificent frescoes, a must see and get to know.

Museum Goreme located in Cappadocia, a place which has many works of Christian culture for many years. In particular, churches carved into the rocks, huge structures created by nature and people together. Tokali church, a convent, Snake Church, the Church of St. Barbara and more than 250 churches are waiting for their visitors.tokali churches

Snap the best deals at Banggood.comOrtahisar Castle located at an altitude of 1,200 meters, was carved during the reign of Hittites, and built to protect the city, and was also used as a place of settlement. Here you can take a picture of the amazing landscape of Cappadocia.Ortahisar Castle

Chatalhoyuk, is one of the oldest archeological dig in the world, it is located close to the city of Cappadocia, is one of the places that you must visit. Barrow, a place where was found the most oldest landscape painting world, which sheds light on the transitional periods of life settlements.

Area, where they found many mounds, underground cities and caves, since the prehistoric period, cover all the monuments and heritage stories, blind the eyes of a lot of these great resources. Mounds, such as Aladzhahoyuk, Karahoyuk, cities such as Derinkuyu Kaymakli, Mazi located beneath seven layers of earth and besides Chivelek cave, and many more of the city, give us see the history of the area.

Cappadocia is a place where many have been found belonging to the culture of the Seljuk and Ottoman Empire, located works of art that are worth a visit, such as the tomb of Haci Bektas Veli, Balym Evie and Friday Mosque.

Snap the best deals at Banggood.comOne of the best known and most pleasant aspects of Cappadocia – on a journey of colorful balloons in the sky over the city of fairy chimneys. Starting tour on the ball in the early morning, you will meet amazing landscapes of Cappadocia. Not finding the color of the rising sun, illuminating these historic beauty, give you experience unforgettable moments of your life.

If you also want to spend time together with the history, become acquainted with the works of nature closer from the past to the present, the city of Cappadocia will always be happy to welcome you.

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